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Help nonprofits helping those affected by Coronavirus or adversely affected by the pandemic themselves.

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We believe that if there's adversity, we can thrive in spite of it by looking for those who need help more than we do, and creatively helping them. Read along to learn why this is so important.

Many nonprofits have been horribly affected by this Coronavirus outbreak. They care for and support those in need on a daily basis and now are in great need themselves, cut short of resources during a time when those they serve need their help even more.

Let’s help them.

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Support these organizations that are either helping with pandemic relief efforts or who were directly affected by it themselves and struggling as a result. Carolina Youth Development Center
  1. Carolina Youth Development Center
  2. Sara’s Cure
  3. Be A Mentor
  4. Meals On Wheels
  5. Vantage Point Foundation
  6. R3, Inc.
Being a leader instead of a victim is looking for how you can help those impacted even more than you, assessing your unique resources in gratitude, and creatively organizing them to best help those with the most need. If this crisis is also affecting you, they'll relate to your help with even more empathy and appreciation.

Growth Under Pressure has come together as a team of organizations that aims to set an example of moving from fear to the generosity that transcends circumstances.
The campaign started with a community of youth athletes and their coaches who could have felt "lost" along with their missing Spring 2020 Season. But they had already learned the value of growing by helping those in need. The young athletes' example has inspired a coalition of businesses to join the movement and take it further.
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